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Discover the Magic of Jezebel Apothecary Products

We've captured the beautiful essence of plants and flowers to create this very special collection of naturally scented perfumes, home fragrances, and candles. 

Unlike modern perfumes, Jezebel Apothecary Perfumes are made using essential oils and plant extracts from distilled flowers and herbs, plant resins, and pressed citrus peels.  This creates beautifully subtle perfumes that are best appreciated in intimate settings and will never overpower a room.  Choose from perfume oils or Eau de parfums in spray bottles.

Our Linen and Room Sprays come in 3 amazing fragrances.  They are scented with natural essential oils and are alcohol-free with no hint of chemical smells.

Our candles are made using clean-burning soy wax and give you hours of beautiful-scented candlelight.  Our intention and spell candles contain specially chosen herbs and crystals.

Our original essential oil blends are 100% pure and suitable for aromatherapy purposes.  Just 4 or 5 drops in a diffuser will fill your room with their natural fragrance.

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