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Intention Candle - Self-Love

Intention Candle - Self-Love

Description:  This soy candle is scented with Rose Wood essential oil and contains specially chosen herbs and crystals to invoke self-worth and forgiveness. It should be burned whenever you need reaffirming that you are worthy and deserving. Make these candles part of your self-care routine. Or give them as a thoughtful gift for those going through difficult times.


Directions:  Begin by taking a few slow, deep breaths to relax and ground yourself.  Before lighting the candle, lift it to your nose and draw in its scent.  Consider all the love you feel for others, and then recognize that you are equally as worthy of that love.  Set your intention. Some examples of intentions are: "I will learn to forgive myself", "I am worthy of love", "I will embrace who I am".  Then light the candle as you meditate or go about your self-care rituals.  (Always use caution around flames.)

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