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Intention Candle - Manifest

Intention Candle - Manifest

Description:  This soy candle is scented with frankincense, patchouli, champaka, clove, and bergamot essential oils and contains specially chosen herbs and crystals. Many of these essential oils are burned as incense in churches and temples around the world to aid in prayer and meditation. You can burn this candle whenever you are working towards a goal, are in need of some creative inspiration, or want to connect with Providence.


Directions:  Begin by taking a few slow, deep breaths to relax and ground yourself. Before lighting the candle, lift it to your nose and draw in its scent.  State your intention as your light the candle.  Then sit with it for a bit as your meditate to clear your mind, relax and focus on the candle and your intention for it. (Always use caution around flames).

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