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Dish Soap

Dish Soap

This dish soap bar is made for people who care about what they rinse down their drains and into our water systems.  Made from coconut oil, lye, and lemon-scented essential oils, this soap bar is free from detergents, sulfates, phosphates, parabens, and synthetic fragrances and colours.


To use, work up a lather by brushing the soap bar in a circular motion with a dish brush, then use the brush to clean your dishes.  Rinse and drip dry.  

  • Shipping Schedule

    One-time-only purchases are shipped within a week from ordering.

    Subscriptions are shipped out on the 1st of every month.

Price Options
One-time purchase
Dish Soap Bar
Shipped Every Month
C$8.55every month for 3 months
Dish Soap Bar
Receive a New Bar Monthly
C$8.10every month for 6 months
Dish Soap Bar
Receive a new dish soap bar every month
C$7.65every month for 12 months
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