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Why I Swoon Over Ugly Soap

When I began my business a decade ago, it was because I enjoyed making soap and I wanted to share it with everyone. I've branched out in many different directions since then, making organic perfumes, skincare products, aromatherapy products, and soy candles. But in my heart, my true passion has always been making soap so I'm very excited to announce a new line of soaps. But first - a little bit of background.

Being a soap-aholic, I pay close attention to what other soap makers are doing and I've noticed that soap - like most things these days - goes through short-lived trends. When I began making soap over 10 years ago, old-timey, rustic-looking cooked soaps were very popular. Many soap makers were using bubble wrap to make a honeycomb pattern atop their oatmeal & honey soaps. Then beer soap became all the rage. (I admit to trying my hand at this trend but the stink of the beer when mixed with the lye was so horrific that I soon gave it up as a bad idea.) Then came piped soaps in the shape of colourful cupcakes. I've seen candy-coloured soaps, soaps with glitter on them, and soaps with toys embedded in them. I've seen gorgeous soaps with colourful swirls and intricate patterns and soaps with pretty petals decorating their tops. You might have some of these pretty soaps sitting as a decoration on your bathroom vanity.

While I admire the skill that goes into making beautiful soaps - it truly is an art form - it's never been where my interests lie. I began making my soaps as an earth-friendly alternative to the harmful detergents and ingredients found in body washes and mass-produced soaps. I don't want to wash my skin with synthetic fragrance oils or chemical colourants that get rinsed down our drains and into our waterways and I don't like to produce them for other people. For me, the perfect soap is made from natural ingredients, has a rich, luxuriant lather, is gentle and moisturizing on our skin, and is nicely (and subtly) scented with essential oils. It can be the ugliest bar of soap you've ever seen. A naturally beige, plain bar of soap made by an experienced and trusted soap maker and intended to be used instead of displayed is what sets this soap-aholic's heart aflutter. If I see one at a craft show - I'll buy it. It does not matter that I have a mountain of my own soap at home - I'll buy it and use it right away.

I am hoping that, like most trends, things will circle back around and simple, natural soaps will once again become "in vogue". But I really don't care much about trends and I know many of you are kindred spirits who care more about what we put onto our skin and into our waterways. These minimalist soaps are for you. They will be utilitarian soaps intended for daily use. You can take them into the shower to use in place of your body wash. You can set them beside your sinks to wash your hands and your face. [I want to insert a myth buster here - soap bars do not transmit germs. Any germs on the soap are cleansed away in the lather as you rinse, (that's literally why you use a bar of soap - to clean away germs and dirt) so it is perfectly fine for a family to share the same bar of soap to wash their hands.] These new soaps will be 100% natural and free from synthetic chemicals. They will be naturally coloured and naturally scented with pure essential oils. They will be both gentle and moisturizing on your skin and will have a luxuriant lather. They will be your every day, skin-friendly, earth-friendly soaps intended to be used, not displayed.

Please watch my social media pages as I roll out the new soaps over the next few months. And in the meantime, if you have any scent preferences, please leave me a message in the comment section below. I can't guarantee I'll use every suggestion, but I do promise to consider them all.


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1 Comment

Cathy Arnold
Cathy Arnold
Dec 30, 2023

Hi Kara! I absolutely love and totally agree with this blog! Thank you for all the care and work that goes into your products! the scents I love are eucalyptus, patchouli, lavender and anise. I hope you continue doing what you do for many years to come!! ♥️

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