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Our woodlands will soon be adorned with Spring's ephemeral flowers. Trilliums, Canadian Phlox, Yellow Trout Lilies, and Bloodroot will suddenly awaken and decorate our forest floors with a burst of colour. This beautiful display by Mother Nature is very fleeting. Their name "ephemeral" means transitory or quickly fading. Needing sunshine to flower, these plants will bloom only until the trees form their leaf canopy, then they will wither back and rest with their energy stored in their bulbs, roots & rhizomes until next year's Spring.

The fleeting nature of ephemeral flowers draws my thoughts to my own fading bloom. In my mind's eye, I am still young and vibrant - but my mirror tells a different story! Where did these wrinkles come from? I remember myself as a young woman, dedicated to my skincare routine in an effort to prevent aging. It was an effort in futility. Aging is truly inevitable.

That may seem like an odd statement from someone who sells self-care products, but it is an honest one. No matter what lotions, serums, treatments and procedures we may use - we will all age nonetheless! Our efforts may delay the effects of aging, but eventually, we will all have wrinkles.

There is a reason I changed my business description from "beauty & skincare" to "self-care and wellness". I don't want people to use my soaps and lotions in an attempt to make themselves fit society's notion of beauty and anti-aging. I want you to use them to take care of yourselves with products that are both safe and gentle for you and our ecosystem. I want you to "fill your cup" with a bit of self-care in the hopes it helps you replenish your stores of mental, emotional, and physical energy.

Perhaps it's my reflection in the mirror that has given me a different perspective from that of the young woman I once was. Or just maybe, hopefully, I have gained some measure of wisdom with age. But I now believe that the Crone, in her own way, is every bit as beautiful as the Maiden and the Mother; that a wrinkled face is a beautiful face.

The beauty of youth is as fleeting as the ephemeral flowers of spring. But the lush, rich greenness of our midsummer forests is also beautiful. So too the vibrant reds and golds of an autumn woodland. So like the forests, let's all recognize and celebrate our beauty at every season of our lives. We are all beautiful beings. You are beautiful.


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